April 26, 2018

Do you sometimes feel too connected to the world? Like, all the information coming at you just overwhelms your senses, your soul? I’ve had that feeling a lot lately. I think it has been building over the last few years but really propelled itself this past year. The news comes fast and is constantly changing. Social media is everywhere, and as someone who is trying to work for herself, it feels impossible to avoid. I have to k...

April 6, 2017

Five easy tips to reduce your waste this Earth Day!

November 23, 2016

This week has been a tough one, for me and for our country. I have found it hard to write, to know what to say, to comprehend what was happening in the world. I had planned on writing a post about camping for the last week or so, even had my catchy little title ready, "To Camp or Not to Camp, That is the Question." But I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It felt trivial compared to the news being made around me. How do I wr...

October 19, 2016


Those four little words above are my absolute least favorite to hear on a road-trip. In fact, I have banned them from my car! My son has this down but my daughter is still working on it. This may sound harsh but I feel like it is actually teaching my kids some valuable lessons. You know, things like slowing down and enjoying the ride, experiencing where you at that exact moment, taking in the beauty around you. All thin...

August 31, 2016

Hi, y'all! I know, where have I been, right? It's been two weeks since I posted! But I have a good excuse, I promise. I just got back from sitting around a gorgeous pool in Palm Springs, drink in hand, with seven of my best friends for three whole days. And the weekend before I was in Chicago with my best friend since second grade laughing, working, shopping, and rocking out to Pearl Jam. Two weekends away from my kids and hus...

July 29, 2016

 I get told a lot "You're so lucky to be an actress" or "You're so lucky to travel so much." And I agree, I am. My husband and I have been very blessed to see so much of this world and to do so with our kids and, many times, while working. But there is the always the flip side. We work very hard, take a lot of chances, and, quite often, have nothing to show for it.

I decided to move to LA to pursue an acting career in 1998, af...

July 7, 2016

Honestly, working out when I was traveling used to be the last thing on my mind. Then I hit 35. Things all started changing then. I got tired of always coming home from a trip heavier and feeling like I had to start the fitness quest all over again. I mean, it still happens, how could it not when you are eating out more and indulging in more wine than normal, but I have found ways to make it better. I may not be able to go to...

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