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Hi!  Welcome to my blog!  My hope is that my travels with my family will inspire you to get out there and explore.  Your adventure awaits!

There are three things that I am passionate about: my family, acting, and traveling.  Ok, there are actually four: basketball, specifically Kentucky basketball.  I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, the only child of teacher parents that regularly packed us up every summer in the van and drove around the country, seeing all that we could see.  By the time I went to college, I had already been to 40 states, mostly by car, and to two other countries.  The travel bug was in me, never to leave again.  


I have traveled alone and with friends, big trips and little trips, backpacking and first class.  But when I was pregnant with my son, people told me that would change.  It's too hard, they would say, or too expensive; wait till they are older, when it gets easier.  It's a good thing I didn't listen.  My son took his first flight when he was a whopping four weeks old!  We didn't go far, from NYC to Chicago, but we did it.  I ripped that band aid right off!  It was great.  And I just kept on doing it, taking him everywhere I could.  His passport had more stamps in it at five years old than mine did at twenty-five!  My daughter has joined right along with us, happily exploring the world. And, when we travel by car, you'll usually find our dog, Bundles, squished right in there too!


When I am not galavanting around with my family, you can find me in Los Angeles, my new-ish home.  I lived here in my early twenties, spent ten years on the East Coast, first in Brooklyn and then in Philadelphia, and moved back to LA with my kids, Otis and Lola, and husband, Peter, in 2015. My 'day job' is acting.  It's up and down, full of surprises and adventures, never knowing where it will take you, kind of like the way I like travel.  I love it.  You can find more about that side of me here:


My husband, Peter, is a nomad at heart too.  He is a musician and was in the rock band, The Walkmen, for over ten years and traveled all over the world performing with them.  Many of our adventures were tagging along with dad when he went to work.  Nowadays, he has his own band (that I get to sing in), Peter Matthew Bauer, and produces and manages other artists with Present Artist Managment.  You can find out more about him here:

   WHO I AM  

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